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Voted best chiropractor in central louisiana 2016 & top 25 chiropractor by the american Society of healthcare professionals in 2014.


We are an integrated Chiropractic & Physical Medicine Clinic in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Dr. Guillory’s unique treatment approach allows our patients to consistently experience faster healing times and more effective pain relief without drugs or surgery.

We also encourage you to take an active role in your care by providing you with the tools & support to do so, throughout the entire care process.

We have recently expanded our services to include the safest and most effective technology in non-invasive body contouring, anti-aging, fat reduction & skin tightening.


Knowledge is power

Choosing the right doctor, treatment options, or if chiropractic care is even a good fit for you, can be overwhelming.  

Coming Soon:  We are in the process of adding a Patient Learning Center to our site & encourage you to follow us on social media for launch updates.

Our treatment techniques are more effective in a wider variety of conditions than the use of traditional Chiropractic methods only.


conditions we treat

our services

Our services are uniquely designed to help you look & feel your best, faster.  Dr. Guillory is known for his therapeutic technique involving instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation.


Chiropractic techniques & approach to treatment are highly effective in the treating a wide variety of acute & chronic injuries. We offer the most advanced & clinically effective treatments available.

why us?

Nutrition & Wellness

We recommend customized nutrition & supplement regimens & provide subscription services for your convenience.


Massage Therapy

Schedule a visit with our Licensed Massage Therapist today!  In addition to pain relief in both acute & chronic conditions, massage therapy offers many wellness benefits & in maintaining optimal athletic performance


Patient resources

Everything you need to know about your first visit & more.

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Dr. Guillory demonstrates genuine concern for my overall health and is really great at coordinating my care with other local healthcare providers.  

He and his staff have brought me from a level of severe back pain to virtually pain free.  He has made it hard for me to remember that I may have some limitations at age 70!  I highly recommend his services!

L. Bordelon

Alexandria, LA


From 30+ years of sitting down and bending over to treat my patients, I now have an IT band, hip flexure, and lower back problems that cause me pain from time to time.  

Dr. Guillory has been an incredible asset in the management of these problems.  His treatments and preventative techniques always put me back on track.  He is always professional, courteous, and personable, as are his staff.  I appreciate all that he does to maintain my good health!

Dr. Gary V Dewitt

Alexandria, LA

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